Long Time, No Blog Post

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It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted on this blog.  In part because I spent posting on Bemidji Summer 2012 in which I had done 100 days worth of blog posts.  Then I started blogging on a blog without the “wordpress” part of the URL: www.joevitomoubry.com so I’d have a portfolio of sorts.

But I figured I’d do a throwback just cause.

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Good-Bye Student Senate

It’s hard to believe that I am closing one door of my life today.

The Student Senate Office During Finals Week

Today, I am officially done with my last term on Student Senate after spending 3 years here at Bemidji State University and a semester at Vermilion Community College’s Student Senate.

It’s one of those bittersweet things that’s almost more sweet.  The reason why I say that it is almost more sweet than being bitter is that after spending these years on Student Senate and working for the Student’s as a whole at Bemidji State University, I will be able to focus more so on working with the Phoenix and contributing to the University in terms of making BSU much more LGBT friendly.

I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t miss Student Senate and I would fulling myself if I said that I wasn’t happy about this change in my life since I’ve sought to escape from Student Senate some times.  Yet, Student Senate forced me to grow and to grow up, but not necessarily to grow up completely.  One of the things I learned was the complications of attraction.  Typically you would not think of learning about attraction in the world of politics; but don’t forget that this in student politics and there is no real way to leave attraction out of this realm of politics.

With the kinds of complications of attraction that happens over a school year with 28 people, there can be anything from romantic to physical to friendship to disliking some to emotional and so on.  So there’s never a dull moment for attraction and learning about the different kinds of attraction shows just how much you have to work with the kinds of attractions that go on in a group in order to get things done.

Another thing I have learned over three years is: to be inconsistent or consistent, that thy question.  With such a regular turnover of new members and new leadership each year, there is always a certain level of an inconsistency that happens.  This inconsistency works to Senate’s benefit sometimes and other times, it doesn’t.  Yet, I have learned that with inconsistency, you have to be flexible.

And yet, one consistent over the years that I have always enjoyed have been the MSUSA delegate conferences that I have gotten to go to.  Probably one of my most favorite ones was this last Spring Conference.  Another thing that I get to say that I enjoy about MSUSA, other than the conferences, is that I get to say that I was apart of collecting 4,000 Signatures for the Pell Grant Petition.

Apart from what I have learned and from what I have enjoyed about Student Senate, I think I am ready for my next journey.  The next chapter of my life.  The next challenges…that BSU has for me over the next year.

Music Videos as Publicity

This past Friday, I attended a portfolio presentation that was given by my boss ~ and friend ~ Krysta that was apart of her major.  One of the things that she touched on was branding and I have been thinking about the whole branding and rebranding thing over the weekend.  Then I got to thinking about the use of social media and how that is becoming a big part of branding and marketing now a days.

Granted, I was thinking more in terms of marketing for Bemidji State University with a social media focus.  And with the social media focus, I starting thinking about the two music videos ~ that I know about ~ that have been made by BSU students.  The one that is a parody both in terms of the song and music video: Bemidji State of Mind.  This video was made and published  little over a year ago.  THe description for Bemidji State of Mind is as follows:

The second video is: Call Me Maybe B-Town Style.  This one was made and uploaded almost to the day after the first video.  This one is just several BSU students doing some interesting dance scenes that are edited together.  Granted, I like the latter of the two videos I like more since it’s much more entertaining.

With that said, I think that colleges and universities have a potential way of marketing themselves: by encouraging their students to make homemade music videos like the ones that I linked to above.  Or possibly encourage their students to posts videos ~ that may not get as many hits ~ of “dance parties” like this one:

The reason why universities should encourage this is simple, in my mind:  free marketing as well as they showcase the creative and fun side of the university.  All though higher education isn’t meant to be straight up fun, these kinds of videos could allow colleges and universities to gain enough of an interest by a perspective student for them to apply.

Blogs as Narratives

In Jill Walker Rettberg‘s chapter entitled “Blogs as Narratives” from the book Blogging: Digital Media and Society Series, Rettberg touches on how blogs and blogging take different forms based on the type of narrative that the blogger wants.

Blogs are Fragmented Episodes & Books

Rettberg stars out talking about how blogs ~ or more specifically, blogposts ~ are that blogposts are brief episodes in contrast to novels.  She states this because each blog post can be read on their own, yet the chapters of a novel ~ or any book ~ has be read in the order that the book has them and from start to end.

I can understand why she stated this, but I think that she can’t group all blogs that story-based into this category.  Towards the end of the chapter, she references that hoaxes of Kaycee Nicole and lonelygirl15.  Both of these case studies that cites in this book talks about how these hoaxes developed a following based off your basic emotional connection to these two stories and the people who bought into these two stories.

Even though there where people who were drawn into the stories throughout a wide range of time, but they didn’t fall into these stores right away.  Yet, the people who feel into these hoaxes had the opportunities to go back and take a look at past posts.

I think what Rettberg meant by the her statement about blogs being fragmented episodes is that a single blogpost is like a commercial or a teaser trailer and pulls someone into the blog.

Fragmented Blogpost Case Study

A good case study can be found at: Life of A Gnome.  This blogpost ~ along with others on a different page of the post ~ follows the life(s) of gnomes.  This blog is based in Rettberg’s theory ~ if you will ~ of blogposts being done in episodes.  Such as one of the blog posts involving a therapist having a client that believes that his lawn ornaments in his yard having a war with each other (see the first link in this subsection).

All though this blog doesn’t just focus on a particular story with each blogpost, the particular blogpost I picked out does showcase how blogposts can be consider episodes.  If this particular blogger would of gone on to write more stories with gnome related themes, this blog would of have easily had more a more focused blog.

Goal Orientated, Ongoing Blogs, & Self-exploration

Rettberg also discusses blogs times of being Goal Orientation and Ongoing.  This can be due to a wide verity of reasons: the blogs being goal orientated for things like dieting or ~ as one example Rettberg references ~ starting to dating someone/finding someone to date.

However, journalist John Hitler stated about this one person’s blog about trying to find someone to date:

I’m realizing that the whole fun dating blogs come from vicariously experiencing the frustrations and humiliations of the dating circuit.  It’s no gun when someone finds true love in, say…twenty-secen days(?!).  It’s like Bridget Jones getting married in the first chapter, or Carrie Bradshaw meeting Mr. Big in the first season (0h wait, that one did happened).

What Hitler doesn’t understand about such goal orientated blogs is that if someone does decide to go with that 27 day long goal to find true love doesn’t mean that within the first 27 days of their life is when they’ll find true love.  In the cases of both Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw, they’ve had decades of finding true love before we enter their worlds and the same holds true about setting any goal orientated blog.  The writer has background experience to bring to the blog.

Take for example of the Julie/Julia Project.  Julie Powell going into her her year long blogging project of cooking through Julia Child’s cookbook with knowledge of Child and cooking.  This is just one example.

Goal Orientated Case Study

Another example of a Goal Orientated blog is Teen Drama Whore ~ don’t let the name fool you ~ that had a focus of teenage drama TV shows.  The goal of this blog was to provide information TV shows that where teenager based: 90210Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek, Gossip GirlOne Tree Hill, and The O.C. prior to the blog having to go on hiatus.

This blog’s narrative allowed the writer/blogger Shari Weiss to explore a wide verity of TV shows.  The style that Weiss uses is that of a mixture journalistic style and public relations ~ the latter due to Weiss promoting premiers of TV shows and other websites.

Ongoing Blogs, Self-exporation, & a Case Study

Rettberg references in this chapter Justin Hall.  Hall is a well known blogger who spent 11 years blogging about a wide verity of personal things according to an article on sfgate.com.  All though I could not find the particular blog of Justin’s that Rettberg discusses that he ended in 2005 ~ according to her book, there’s no more posts after 2005 ~ after he had posted a video on it about why he stopped writing personal blogposts.

During this video-blogpost that he posted ~ as you can see below ~ he has a mental breakdown.

All though the blog that Rettberg references does not seem to be about to be found, he seems to have started a new one called ~ or at least a website ~ called Links.

The Wrap Up

Over all, I think the thing that is important about blogs as narratives ~ from a writer’s perspective at least ~ is that you have to know your target audience as well as what you want to write about.  Such as this blog that I have been using during my time here at Bemidji State, I have explored a wide verity of topics: news items, blogging, fashion, writing prompts, and so on.

So the type of blog you plan on writing depicts the type of narrative you’ll have.

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Recent Vandalism on BSU Campus

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Last night during the basketball games, sixth floor Tamarack Resident Assistant John Muenchow asked me if I had seen this person – that Muenchow had described to me – come through because they had vandalized the tunnels.

I had completely forgotten this fact – even though it happened last night – until I was heading to the C3 store in Walnut Hall.  I saw these two spots:

Now here are my questions for the person who did this or people who would do something like this:

  • Why bother vandalize an area that is so close to Public Safety?
  • What inspired you to show that you don’t care about our campus?
  • If you must paint – or in this case, spray paint – our tunnels, isn’t the Student Senate’s Tunnel Painting Process easy enough for you?

So really people.  I know that I haven’t been driven to vandalize anything, but couldn’t you have found something that wouldn’t cost the University money to paint over?  Because that costs the University money and even though I am sure the University has money budgeted for painting projects, but we don’t have the money to paint over every single spot someone feels like painting on.

The British Invade America’s Next Top Model

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model is bringing a new twist to the modeling competition: It’s no longer just Americans gunning for the coveted titled.  Reports have been coming in for a week or so now about this new twist that Tyra Banks came up with for this season.

Instead of there being 13 or 14 women from across the country, we get seven women from the states and seven women from across the pond.  A little extra twist this season is that the seven British girls are considered – in a way – to be Next Top Model All-Stars since they competed on Britain’s Next Top Model.

This Season’s Models

There will be 14 models this cycle.  However, I have not been able to find out about it been the seven American’s against the seven Britain contestants.

The American Girls
  • AzMarie Livingston, 24, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Candace Smith, 22, Brooklyn, New York
  • Ebonee Davis, 18, Seattle, Washington
  • Kyle Gober, 20, Magnolia, Texas
  • Laura LaFrate, 20, Scotia, New York
  • Mariah Watchman, 20, Pendleton, Oregon
  • Seymone Roth, 19, Augusta Georgia
The British Girl
  • Alisha White, 20, London, England
  • Annaliese Dayes, 24, London England
  • Ashley Brown, 22, West Lothian, Scotland
  • Catherine Thomas, 22, Kent, England
  • Jasmia Robinson, 24, London, England
  • Louise Watts, 25, Essex, England
  • Sophie Sumner, 21, Oxfordshire, England
Guest Judges

Small Screen Scoop gave us a heads up who will be guest judges for this cycle:

A New Judge on Panel

Kelly Cutrone will be replacing André Leon Talley this cycle.  There is speculation that Cutrone’s persona will bring some dramatics to this cycle that have been missed since Janice Dickinson was on the series, according to a post on TV Over Mind.  The same post also states that she is a great replacement for Talley since she has been involved with several different areas of fashion  and her previous experience on reality TV shows will make this adjustment easier.

Prizes for This Cycle

According to an article on People Magazine‘s website, the prizes for this cycle are as follows:

This Cycle & Onward

This cycle will be interesting of course.  However, according to an article on wetpaint.com, Banks and the rest of the Top Model crew is already planning on casting for cycles 19 and 20.  One has to wonder if these cycles – given the last two – will involve some sort of All-Star themed and will have top model hopefuls from other countries.

Cycle 18 premiers on February 29th.

Radio Rebel = Disney’s Version of Gossip Girl

February 17, 2012 3 comments

Disney Channel’s new Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) Radio Rebel that focuses on a shy girl who escapes her withdrawn shell by hosting a radio show and no one knows who she is.  Tara (Debby Ryan of Disney’s The Suite Life on Deck and Jessie) radio show examines the life at her high school in Seattle.

Very much like the book and TV series Gossip Girl, Tara acts as the West Coast’s version of the Gossip Queen…minus gossiping about her classmates.  Instead of blogging about the Upper East Side, Tara’s position as Radio Rebel to try to fight the social hierarchy that goes on at her high school.

As this movie progressed, it is clear that this movie – as with pretty much all DCOM movies – serves as an after school special.  Radio Rebel showcases that you shouldn’t be afraid to do what you think is right, even if it costs you something that is important to you.

All though I enjoyed the plot line and the concept, but Disney seems to be focusing a fair amount of their DCOMs lately towards music themes: The High School Musical seriesLemonade MouthThe Cheetah Girls Series, Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2.

I wish that Disney Channel would have waited until it was closer to prom time to premier this film since prom is one of the important things that is film focuses on prom.

Radio Rebel is a good film with a pretty good script; but I am sure that this film would have been better suited as some background noise for me since – unlike some movies that Disney has – the plot line doesn’t tug at my heart-strings.

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