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The Biggest Loser 8.01

As always, The Biggest Loser seaon premier starts with a twist…the contestants have to start the competition doing the last mile of the marathon that season 7 contestants did.  The winner of this challenge is immunity from elimination at the first weight in, they get to pick their partner, and their partner gets immunity.

One contestant, Tracy, had difficulty finishing the challenge…so the other contestants helped her to finish and then she was flown to the hospital.  The fact that one contestant had to be flown to the hospital within the first 30 minutes of the episode goes to show you how unhealthy America has become.  Another contest, Coach Mo, was also sent to the hospital for medical problems during the challenge as well.

As in seasons past, there will be couples.  Yet, this season, the contestants will have to choose their partners and all of them are strangers.  Therefore, the contestants-while Tracy and Coach Mo were still in the hospital-got to get to know each other.  One contestant, Abby, shares how she has lost her husband and two children two and a half years ago.

Dan may have been the biggest contestant Season 7, his partner Shay has taken that title away from him by weighing in at 476 pounds.  Thankfully for Dan & Shay-as well as all of the contestants-will get to train with both Bob and Jillian.

As always, the contestants get to go the hospital…but they find out that past seasons of The Biggest Loserhas inspired doctors from around to come to the show and study this seasons contestants.  The doctors have come to the show to study the contestants to study obesity in the 16 contestants to improve the knowledge of obesity.  One can figure that this season of The Biggest Loser will be another season that will open more people’s eyes to America’s Obesity Problem in both adults and youth.

As with couple pairings, the couples will be weighing in together, but the one of themembers of the will be sent home leaving the other member alone the following week.  As the teams went up and weighed in, the Pink Team of Rebecca & Amanda kept falling down closer to the dreaded Yellow Line, I found myself cheering them on hoping that they don’t fall below-yet not having none of teams fall below.  As the Black Team took the Pink Team’s low standing, Coach Mo being the only one weighing in the Purple Team, Coach Mo need to lose 13 pounds to keep himself and Tracy on campus for another week.  Coach Mo thankfully lost 19 pounds with only getting to do the last chance workout pushing the Black Team below.

 As tradition now, the couples have one hour to decide to who will be sent home…Alexandria or Julio.  The vote can down to the Green Team.  Their vote sent home Alexandria.  Since Alexandrea was sent home, she has lost 60 pounds.

Next week, everyone has the challenge to lose 150 pounds combined in order for no one to go home and if not…2 people are going home.  Will the 2 week curse effect this challenge?  Will Tracy be able to workout next week?  Find out next Tuesday on NBC at 7 pm or check out my blog to find out.

Also, the Facebook fan page for The Biggest Loser.

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