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The Beautiful Life: TBL 1.01

The Beautiful Life: TBL seems to be a cross of Gossip Girl and Americas Next Top ModelTBL focuses on the life of models in New York City and what it takes to be on top of the modeling world.

Each character has his or her own story, but this episode focuses on a few that I could picked up on that seemed important:

  • Chris is a farm boy who was discovered in a restaurant during a family vacation, but knows where his boundaries are
  • Raina got her big shot after 6 months of modeling, but her family stands in the way and yet will stand up for her friends
  • Isaac wants to go into the music industry and hasn’t landed a good in a couple of years
  • Sonja is the model that just came back after 6 mysterious months away…possibly in rehab
  • Ethan is the model that has drug connections
  • Simon is the agent who is very cocky agent who goes after hot guys
  • Claudia seems to be the manger or owner of a modeling agency

As the episode progressed, it is revealed how looks aren’t enough.  Timing has everything to do with being a model.  Yet, I have to wonder if TBL is a show trying to show us the hardship of being in the model industry.  All though the first half hour of the show wasn’t as good as I hoped, I cannot wait to see what happens next week.

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