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Matt Ingman Sheds Light on being an RA

This school year is the first year that I am not only living away from family, but I am also living on campus for the first time.  With living on campus, I’m sure that there will be a few problems that come up and I’ll need someone to turn to.  Thankfully, Resident Assistants are there to assist the residents on there floors if any of their residents need help.  Both of Resident Assistants living on 4B are willing to help out the residents on their floor, Matt Ingman shed more light on being a RA.

Even with getting to know Ingman over the for the past month, the one thing his residents can tell you is how much he seems to enjoy his job as a RA.  Ingman has been the RA of Oak Hall fourth floor B-wing for both of the years that he has been a RA.  Although Ingman didn’t do the FYRE-First Year Resident Experience-program when he was a freshman and wishes he had, he enjoys being the RA of a floor of FYRE Students.  Even with being about two or three years older than the guys on his floor, he has the same amount as energy as the 40 or so students that living on his floor

One question Ingman was asked was how this year so far differs from last year.  He replied, “Last year guys a more quite than this year’s.  This year’s group keep their doors open and are getting to know each other.”  Ingman has been encouraging an open door policy with the other RA on 4B so that everyone can get to know each other.  Whenever you pass Ingman’s room, you can’t help but notice how he is playing video games or listening to music.

Another question Ingman answered if he thought that he worked well with the PAAs-Peer Academic Advisers-and the other RA on 4B.  He replied simply: “Yes.  I think we work pretty well together.”  Also during his interview, the question about upcoming events had came up.  He stated: “Well, we just did a grill night with our floor.  Our floor’s football team also played against 2C’s.  But we welcome any ideas that our residents may have.”

Yet, one of the most important questions that people want to know about RAs is why they became a RA.  When Ingman was asked this question, he simply put: “I became a RA because I wanted to be involved.  I wanted to help out.  I wanted to socialize with a verity of students that were diverse.  I wanted to meet interesting people.  I wanted to live on campus.  Becoming a RA was one of the best ways to do this.”  One can just tell by talking to some of the students on 4B that 4B is a diverse floor.  4B is filled with students who have played sports in high school or were apart of student government or did AP classes or even did some actual course work at a college.  It’s probably very safe to say that Ingman has achieved the goals he had for being a RA.

During my interview with Ingman, I better understood why Ingman had decided to become a RA.  I also got a glimpse of how happy it makes him.  I think that 4B is blessed this year to have Ingman as a RA for their freshman year.

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