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One Tree Hill 7.02

The second episode of One Tree Hill‘s 7 season starts with Brooke looking the new face of Clothes Over Bros from a movie that Julian that worked on, but never showed.  Nathan and Clayton talk about the sex scandal that faces Nathan during his contract year.  Haley is trying to keep the record label open.  Julian’s dad comes to town.  Quinn tells Haley why she has left her husband.  Dan reveals that he got remarried…to Rachel Gatina.

Haley agrees to Miranda Stone that without Red Bedroom Records, the parent company wouldn’t have found Mia.  As Haley is dealing with trying to keep Red Bedroom Records open, Julian and Brooke deal with Julian’s dad.  Julian’s dad tells Julian how is wasting away his life by living with Brooke.  Meanwhile, Jamie and Skills spend the day at the beach.

While Haley is freaking out about the label closing, she gets a great idea…ask Mia to help out.  As that is going on, Milicent is dealing with the new face of Clothes Over Bros, who is a wild child.  Nathan and Clayton are dealing with the woman who is trying destroy his reputation.

All though Haley signed with the parent company of Red Bedroom Records, since Mia didn’t, Mia is using the fact that she didn’t sign with the parenting company to force their hand.  Brooke and Milicent think letting the new face go, but they find out that the Alexis is basically broke-or so she acts like she did in the movie that Brooke had seen.

Julian tells Brooke about the day that he decide he wanted to become a director, so  Brooke then confronts Julian’s dad.  Haley and Mia’s tag team worked for now.  Quinn goes into more detail how she and her husband-David-has grown apart, because David has changed.  In the last few moments of the movie, it’s revealed that the woman who says Nathan had slept with her is three months.

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