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The Biggest Loser 8.03

This weeks episode starts with Allison challenging the contestants with: Would You Whether Week.  The Contestants had to decide whether they wanted a 2 pound challenge with no trainers for the week or keep the trainers for the week, but no advantage.  So Tracey decides for the Purple decides to take the 2 pound advantage with no trainers…but will it be worth it?

When Bob and Jillian find out that the Purple Team took the 2 pound advantage, they decided to talk with the Purple Team.  They end up talking about how Tracy is scared to leave.

Since this week is all about challenges, this episode holds the Contestant’s first temptation of the game.  At the same time, the contestants find out the winner of the temptation has the control who from each time weighs in.  The food that the contestants was cupcakes…and the contestants smelled the cupcakes as Allison came through with cupcakes with a verity of cupcakes.  But it came down to Tracy won the temptation with 4 cupcakes, but after she finds out how many she ate, she felt sick.

When Jillian found out how many cupcakes that Tracy ate and Jillian basically yelled at Tracy for eating the cupcakes.  Allison gives the contestants the chance of winning immunity for the week.  The teams have to raise their color raise by dropping a total of 250 pounds in a drop box.  But even with Allen being the only one competing for the Green Team since Abby has an injury but won for the Green Team.

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