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One Tree Hill 7.06

As this episode starts, Nate loses out on an ad that he was going to shoot.    While Brooke is turned on, Julian turns Brooke down because Alex is coming over to work on her script.  Quinn and Clayton continue on bonding by learning more about each other, but Nate calls and ruins Clayton and Quinn;s bonding moment.

Miley wakes up at Alex’s after another night of partying.  And we find out that Dan’s offer to Renee is to come onto his show and tell her story.  Haley confronts Nate about the phone calls he made to Renee and he tells Haley that she had been calling him, so he had called her to tell her to stop calling him.

Clayton, Nate, and Haley talk about the deals that Nate is losing.  Nate also finds out that his contract renewing is slowing.  Clayton tells Haley that he will make sure that Nate still has a career after this is over…if no one makes the story any bigger.  But of course, Dan is going to make it a bigger story.

As Millie arrives at the Tree Hill”s Clothes Over Bros store, she finds out that Brooke replaced her administrative duties with a new person.  Meanwhile, Quinn hangs at the beach taking photos of people when Clayton comes back and she offers to let him talk to her.

Julian tells Alex that her revised screenplay is great and Alex is happy to hear that Julian likes it.  Haley starts to think that she and Nate should pat Renee to retract what she said.

As Quinn and Clayton started to talk, Clayton tells Quinn how he was downsized do a problem in the past and as soon as the whole thing settled down, Nate’s scandal happened.  Chase is shopping at Clothes Over Bros, Brooke decides to us him as a tool.

After Mouth tells Nate about the next story that breaks, Nate tells Mouth that he should run a story.  As Millie and Alex bond, Alex calls Miley a plus size model.  Haley calls Renee to try to pay her off, and butt Renee tells Haley that her price has gone up to $250,000 and has till 8 pm to make up her mind.

Julian walks in on Brooke measuring Chase.  Julian is jealous of what Brooke is doing.  Mouth goes to his boss and shows him the quote that Nate gave him.  Quinn and Nate have a fight about running away from their problems.

Mia and Julian talk about Mia’s songwriting career.  Mia tell’s Julian that sometimes all people need is someone to take an interest them.  Rachel is excited at the show that Dan has planned with Renee, so Rachel plans to make sure that it will happen.

A mystery girl from Clayton’s past shows up and offers to spend time with him.  Haley tells Nate that Renee is willing to say that she lied after Haley pays her $250,000.

While Brooke is ranting on about how Alex has been acting, Chase points out that’s how Brooke acted in high school.  Clayton’s mystery girl confronts him.  All though Mouth is given the chance to do what his boss wants, he boss does to some chance, but Mouth doesn’t do exactly what his boss wanted.  Meanwhile, Millie steals some of Alex’s diet pills and Brooke looks at an old yearbook to remember what she ws like in high school.  Nate tells Haley why he believes she shouldn’t pay Renee off…because otherwhise, he will be like Dan.

 Nate tells Quinn that she can stay at his house for as long as she wants.  Chase is surprised by a picnic that Mia made for him.  Miley is still upset at the comment that Alex said.  So Millie tells Mouth why she fells she thinks she isn’t a model.  Brooke ends up firing Alex, cause Alex is a lot like her.  Rachel talks to Renee and tells her that if Renee does the show, the more money Nate will havet o pay her.

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