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The Biggest Loser 8.08

At the start of this week, Ali tells the Contestants that they have to spend the next 7 days live a better healthier lives, so they are going to Washington DC.  Ali tells the Contestants that they have one goal: get people to live a happy healthier lives.  They get to talk to congressman and visit the White House.  The Contestants are going to be individuals.  Ali also tells Shay that there were five contestants that were in the 400 pounds and is also 2 pounds away from getting out of the 400s.

For their pop challenge, The Contestants have to get as many people as they can to come to a public work out with in 60 minutes that well be led by Bob and Julian.  So everyone runs to get as many people as possible to come and will get a huge advantage at the next weigh in and feed everyone that they get to feed them subway.

A lot of people show up for the public work out and cheers for the Contestants and it came down to one person to that gave Liz the win of this pop challenge.  As the people showed up for the work out, they get surprised at how hard the work out is while Bob and Julian are happy at how many people showed up.  Afterwords, Liz’s team got to go to Subway and get a free lunch after the work out.

Two Senators get to talk with the Contestants and here their stories.  Dan tells the two Senators that were listening to the Contestants about how when he gained weight, his grades slipped to the point that he failed.  Rebecca also shares how she was always the chubby girl and decided to make a change.  The Contestants get to four monuments in DC…through a four stage challenge.  The first part of the challenge is running a mile around Constitution Gardens.  The top six contestants move to the next stage.  While the contestants work towards the finish, Miley Cyrus song The Climb plays as flashbacks to how the nine contestants first started out.

Stage 2 takes at the Watergate Steps.  The six Contestants have to collect enough pennes to reach their color lines, but Liz decides to take advantage of being able to sit out, so only 3 people plus Liz will be able to compete in stage 3 to work towards immunity at the next weigh in.  Liz is joined by Rudy, Dan, and Rebecca who nearly won over Allen.

Stage 3 in front of the US Capital.  The final challenge is balancing a Pilates call over their heads.  Only two people will compete at stage 4.  Dan is the first one out and Liz is the second one out.  Rudy and Rebecca are the one competing in the final challenge in front of the White house.  The first person Contestant to step 206 steps, which represents all of the Contestants that have been on The Biggest Loser. Rebecca won the challenge for immunity as an individual and afterwords, everyone found out that they get to go into the White House the following day.

Bob and Amanda talk about what she can do to increase her weight loss…like eating Extra Gum.

The Contestants get to not only go into the White House, but they get to go into Michelle Obama’s garden…which the Obama’s eat from.  The Contestants get to pick items from Michelle Obama’s garden to make salads.  The Contestants find out that the First Family eats healthy items like salads all of the time.

During the final chance work out, Julian is happy that there is no more Black Team since she can work out everyone.  Julian finally gets to work out her frustration with Tracy by getting Tracy to realize what she can do.

The Lincoln Memorial steps is the host of this weeks weigh in.  Tracy and Liz are the ones the fell below the Yellow Line and Tracy was finally sent home.

  1. Sam
    November 18, 2009 at 2:13 am

    Rebecca is such an inspiration! I’m not in as good shape as I could be and to see what she accomplished really motivates me to get myself fit. So amazing!

  1. April 11, 2010 at 9:05 am

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