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One Tree Hill 8.09

This episode starts of with Brooke waking up Julian from sleeping on the couch after working with Alex on her script.  Julian and Brooke talk about how that Julian and Alex are almost done.  Clayton and Nate talk about Nate’s contract.  Millie goes through Alex’s closet to find clothes to wear while Mouth wakes up and finds Millie’s clothes all over their room and he finds a bag full of pills.  Dan and Rachel show up in Tree Hill.

Quinn show Clayton an after school program that she helps out at.  Brooke tells Haley that she thinks that she thinks that she is pregnant.  Haley gives Brooke a pep talk.  While Julian and Alex work on the her script, they talk about the ending and talk about how this means that they won’t have to see each other as often.  Meanwhile, Clayton spots a kid playing basketball and ends playing with him.  Dan shows up at Nate’s and Nate slams the door in Dan’s face.

Jamie reopens the door and Dan and Rachel come in.  Rachel says to Jamie, “I remember when you were a rumor during 3rd period.”  Clayton and the mystery boy talk a bit bout their lost love ones.  Julian calls his dad to talk about Alex’s script and see if his dad wants to produce the film with him, and his dad says yes.  Jamie shows Dan his jersey collection.  They talk about how Jamie is happy that Dan is back in One Tree Hill while Rachel surprise Mouth.  Brooke finds out that she isn’t pregnant, which breaks her heart.

Jamie and Nate talk about how Rachel use to go to school with Nate and Haley, but Jamie is happy that Rachel and Dan found each other.  Rachel and Mouth catch up.  But Mouth asks Rachel if she has seen Brooke yet, and Rachel doesn’t want to since Rachel feels that she was blacklisted from the modeling industry.  Brooke and Haley talk about Brooke isn’t pregnant and comforts Brooke.  Clayton and Quinn bond even more in a dark room while Quinn is developing pictures.  Clayton gets a call that could be good.  Alex tries to get Julian to spend more time with her, but Julian turns her down to spend time with Brooke.  Meanwhile, Haley prepares for a concert that she is putting on while Alex thinks about doing drugs.

Brooke drowns her sorrows by drinking when Julian shows up and then has to answers a call from Alex and she says that she found some drugs in suitcase and won’t do anything if he shows up.  Clayton tells Nate that he may have some good news.  Quinn shows up just in time for the start of Haley’s concert.  While Haley is performing, Brooke calls Julian and that he is heading over to Alex’s hotel room.  Miley shows up and calls Mouth ‘Mouth’ which she never does.  Brooke sees Millie wearing the dress that isn’t supposed to released next summer.  Mouth notices the differences that Millie and confronts her about it.  While Alex and Julian talk, Alex tells him that she wants to get high so bad and how she hates yourself when it’s quiet.

After Haley’s concert, Nate tells her that Dan and Rachel are in town.  Rachel tries to take responsiblity of stealing money from Brooke.  Rachel tries to apologize to Brooke, but Brooke slaps Rachel and calls Rachel a bitch.  Dan and Nate talk about how Dab surprised him and how Dan wants a chance.  Nate tells Dan that he’ll put up with Dan cause of Jamie, but he’s dead to him.  Clayton tells Quinn that he was happy that she got him to go out.  Julian tells Brooke that he is worried about Alex, but Brooke tells Julian she is worried about the two of them.  Rachel wants to head back to LA, but Dan doesn’t cause he want redemption.  Clayton tells Quinn that he is afraid to move on.  Miley had stolen Alex’s drugs causing Julian to think that she was wasn’t telling the truth and Nate finds out that he lost his spot on his NBA team.

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