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Law & Order: SVU 11.08

This episode of Law & Order: SVU starts off at the Stabler home with Elliot at home talking with his son and his wife when he finds out his son had seen some topless pictures of a rape victim.  Then in court over the same victim, the judge gives Alex Cabot 48 hours to review her evidence.  Then when Olivia and Elliot get back to their squad room, Cragen informs Stabler that his son Dickie is missing.

Stabler goes to the Newsome residence to talk to Shane’s mother to see if she knows where her son is to see if he can find Dickie.  Stabler finds out that his son hates his nickname.  Afterwords, Stabler heads back to the squad room to work on the rape case.  Yet, Cragen lets Stabler and Olivia to interstage Dickie’s disappearance.  Yet, they still don’t find any evidence but that Dickie went to an army recruiter to get into the army.

Shane’s mom shows up at the SVU’s squad room to talk the detectives since Shane hasn’t shown back home.  So Olivia and Fin talk to Mrs. Newsome to find out more information that can help them find Dickie and Shane.  Olivia and Fin go to a shelter where Shane works at as part of his community service which leads to them getting a lead to find Dickie.  Cabot talks to Nikki to find out what really happened.  Stabler, Olivia, and Fin find Dickie while he was beating someone up to find Shane.  Stabler tries to keep Dickie from going to jail, but Olivia steps in so that Dickie doesn’t get into too much trouble.  While Olivia is talking to Dickie, Dickie tells her basically he hates having a cop for a father.  Olivia and Stabler find out that Shane’s phone is at central booking.

As Elliot and Dickie talk, Elliot tells Dickie how his job as a father is to worry about who is with 24 hours a day.  Then Dickie says that he doesn’t have to listen to Elliot any more and Elliot shakes Dickie up a bit out of anger.  Everyone in the squad room finds out that it’s Shane’s blood on the cell phone.  Meanwhile, Alex is still trying to keep her job by finding out who said that Nikki had recanted her statement…but Alex dropped the charges.  When Nikki finds out that Alex dropped the charges, Nikki blames Elliot and Olivia for it.  Cragen is suspended again leaving John in charge once again.

The police find Shane’s police.  Meanwhile, Alex tells Elliot he shouldn’t be at Shane’s murder scene.  Elliot blames her for Cragen being suspended.  Olivia tells Alex that she had put in a request for a new ADA since Alex has been caring more about her own career that Nikki.

 Melinda tells Olivia what had killed Shane.  Melinda also tells Olivia that Shane has been clean for months.  Alex and Olivia talk to the person they suspect that killed Shane.  The guy tell them that it was his cousin.  Elliot fells guilty about what happened to Shane.  We find out that the caption has a 10 day suspension and if he gets in trouble again, he will be fired.  Olivia tries to find Nikki, but a neighbor has to let Olivia in to find that Nikki took a lot of drugs to pass out and try to commit suicide.  Olivia got to Nikki just in time.  Fin talks to the guy that killed Shane who is a major time junkie who killed Shane to get money to get drugs.  Alex found the witness that was able to get Nikki’s rapist who will most likely go to jail.  Dickie and Elliot have a heart to heart talk about what happened with Shane and Dickie tries to get Elliot to sign army consent forms, but Elliot won’t cause of how much he loves Dickie.

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