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One Tree Hill 7.10

This episode starts off where last episode ended off…with Nate and Haley find out that Nate’s out of a job.  Julian and Alex fight about how Julian believes Alex lied to him.  Julian heads back home to find out that Brooke had locked herself in their room.  Rachel goes back to Tree Hill High to take a look a picture from when she was cheerleader.

Nate confronts Clayton about losing his job and then Nate finds out that Clayton is still seeing Quinn.  After that, Nate fires Clayton since Clayton didn’t stay away from Quinn and didn’t get him signed to the Bobcats.  Clayton tries to fix the problem, but he couldn’t, so Quinn tries to comfort him.  But he tells Quinn that she should go cause he is going to call his bosses and see what he can do.

Millie is working on doing her laundry when Mouth comes out to see whats up.  Quinn and Haley fight about how Haley believes that Quinn is a big part of Clayton being fired.  Julian and Brooke talk about the Alex situation and Brooke tells Julian that she thought she was pregnant.  Julian comforts Brooke by telling her everything is OK.  Millie goes to Alex’s to get some more clothes when Alex realizes that Millie might have been the person to steal the drugs from her.

Dan and Rachel meet up in Tree Hill High and Rachel tells Dan that they should do an episode of Dan’s show in the hallway that he hill Keith in.  Alex shows up at Julian and Brooke’s house and tells Julian that she knows who stole the drugs and Julian tells Alex that the movie isn’t going to happen.

Clayton talks to his bosses, but his boss yells at him.  Quinn talks to Nate and tries to get him to hire Clayton back.  Victoria shows up at the Clother Over Bros store in Tree HIll to see why Brooke called and didn’t leave a message.  Brooke and Victoria finds out Miley has an agent.  Millie wants $500,000 since she is the new face of Clothes Over Bros.  Brooke couldn’t how Millie was acting.

Haley and Nate talk about everything thats going on and the pros and cons to hire Clayton back.  Julian and Skills talk about Skills new opportunity for a job.  Alex and Millie talk about Millie’s drug problem.  Alex’s tells Millie that she can’t be around people who use drugs.  Brooke and Victoria talk about how Miley is crazy.

Clayton finds out that his bosses can find Nate a team to play on and called Clayton’s bosses.  Clayton bosses fire him.  Dan finds Mouth and talks about how he is happy what Mouth did for Nate.  Dan finds out that Nate lost his job.  Quinn decides to move out of Haley and Nate’s to move in with Clayton.  Haley and Quinn argue and Quinn points out how Clayton worked as hard as he could to get Nate a better deal since Clayton thought Nate deserved better.  Haley looked shocked at what Quinn was saying and as Quinn left, Haley looked as if she was thinking more about what was going on.

Brooke reveals to Julian that when she found out she wasn’t pregnant, but she couldn’t have children either.  When Mouth returns to the apartment, he finds Millie in the bathroom and then finds a dollar bill rolled up and some powder that reveals that she is on drugs.  Mouth confronts her about it.  Millie lies about doing drugs to Mouth as her nose starts to bleed revealing to Mouth that she isn’t being truthful.

Dan finds Clayton to talk about what happened and then attacks Clayton keeps on dunking Clayton under water to try to get a point across to Clayton that he can still make things right.  After Clayton tells Quinn what happened with Dan, Clayton says how he was arrogant.  Quinn tells Clayton that she moved out and Clayton that she moved out and he offered for her to move in, but she turned down the offer.  Victoria insults Chase about his and Brooke’s sex encounter.

Dan finds Clayton again, but this time at Tric.  Clayton tells Dan how his wife died and tells Dan that being fired is far from his darkest day and that there is still hope for him and Nate.  Victoria sees Alex and Millie heading off and calls the police to report a drunk driver as they head off.  Dan thinks about the day he killed Keith.  Quinn and Haley talk again, and Haley says how she used to look up to Quinn but doesn’t any more and Quinn seems lost.  A police officer pulls over Millie and Alex.  Clayton and Nate talk about how Clayton miss-repersentated Nate and Nate was his best friend.  Brooke finds out that Millie is in jail and that she needs help, but Brooke won’t help Millie out.

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