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One Tree Hill 7.12

Clayton throws his cell phone into his pool, while Alex is bleeding in her tub.  Rachel and Dan prepare for Dan’s next show.  Jamie ends up swearing, so Haley and Nate clean out his mouth.  Julian finds Alex.  Skills finds out he got the job.  Millie sees the blood and starts to cry.  Mouth finds Millie and comforts her.  Brooke waits at the hospital with Julian.
Haley explains to Jamie that they don’t swear and the going to Spain and traveling around the USA will be an adventure.  Quinn goes and visits Clayton as he packs up to move.  Quinn tells Clayton that some guys mom is sick and Clayton decides to go visit this guy.  Skills’s new job starts Monday, so he has to pack up and move.  Alex wakes up and sees Julian sitting next to her bed.  Julian tells Alex that he was wrong to say that nobody doesn’t wat her, since her movie got financing.
As Jamie and Nate hang out in Tric, Jamie is complaining about going to Spain.  Miranda tells Jamie that Spain is amazing.  As Clayton talks to Joe, they talk about how Joe’s mom has less than a year to live.  Millie tells Mouth that she stole a dress from Brooke and Mouth tells Millie that she has to tell Brooke the truth.  Victoria asks Brooke how Alex is doing.  Brooke also finds out that Millie stole the red dress.
Clayton tells Quinn the last thing he had said to Sarah before she had died, and how feels that we waste our words.  Dan and Rachel shot the episode of his show and Dan tells everyone, even Rachel, that this is the last episode of his show.  Haley, Jamie, and Nate each talk about what they will miss about Tree Hill.
Brooke tells Alex how it’s selfish of her to have tried to kill herself.  Millie shows up and Brooke finds out why Millie has been acting the way she has.  Brooke tells Millie that she is no longer her model, but is still her friend and wants Millie to go get help.  Brooke and Julian talk about how he feels that he has to help out people because his mother lost her fire when he was a kid.
Clayton shows up just as Nate is about to sign his new contract.  Clayton tells Nate that he has got him a great deal in the US, but Nate has to accept that Clayton and Quinn are falling in love.  As Skills prepares to leave, he tells Lauren that he loves her.  Dan gives all of his money away and gives Rachel divorce papers.  As Dan prepares to leave, Nate shows up to tell Dan thank you for helping him get to where he is.  Millie escapes from her rehab.  Clayton and Quinn enjoy each others company in the ocean.
Quinn asks Clayton if  he ment what he said about falling in lover with her.  Haley, Jamie, and Nate leave on tour.  Julian makes Alex promise that she will never do anything like this ever again.  Brooke feels heart-broken over this as Alexander Coin shows up and tells Brooke that Victoria hired him to help design the mens line.
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