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The Biggest Loser 9.05

If you remember back to week one, two of the teams where sent home to compete for a chance to come back and the Yellow team won the chance to be the team that comes back.

Melissa is still dealing with the how Bob and Jillian called her a liar.  Yet, since Melissa lost 11 pounds at the last weigh in, she gained Bob’s respect.

Meanwhile, Jillian is dealing with Daris’s weight loss issues.  Jillian gets Daris to talk about how he has accomplished a 51 pound weight-loss and that he doesn’t just have to be the funny Daris anymore.

Bob talks to the Yellow team about how it is to be back on campus.  Bob talks to them about cooking with Jennie-O.

Since it’s Supper Bowl Week, each team has to hit the tackle dummy 1000 times to win.  The winning team gets immunity and the team that comes into last place gets a 2 pound penalty at the next weight in.  Micheal won immunity and the Pink Team got the 2 pound disadvantage.

At the weigh in, Daris lost 12 pounds, which kept the Orange Team Safe.  The Pink Team didn’t let the 2 pound stop them from staying on campus.  John however didn’t lose enough weight to keep himself on campus, making it so that the Yellow Team doesn’t have to vote someone off.

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