Study Guide #2

  1. The audiences hunger for culture-war and anyone who could write a decent book got a book deal.  So journalists were competing with people who weren’t journalists at all.  And those who couldn’t-or wouldn’t-stay in the realm of writing left the journalism field to find side jobs. (Opion based on page’s xvii’s first paragraph.  It’s very straight forward and put in simple terms.)
  2. Conservatives acted as if they had a united voice; whereas liberals used the web more as  a way to show how anti-Bush they were
  3. Content was predetermined based on political bias
  4. 1) Turning the debate with Clinton away from who had more experience.  2) Obama memorized his speech for the Jefferson Jackson Dinner about a ‘change’ election. 3) Obama’s campaign team was made of mostly younger stuffers, which allowed him to use technology better in terms of using Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.
  5. Honestly, I try to avoid campaigns.  I look at the candidate’s website to look at the issues because I get sick of watching politicians going negative with their campaigns against other politicians.
  6. Since the 08 election year was a year of change, Obama fit that very well since he isn’t a traditional candidate for president since he isn’t white.
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