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An Early Afternoon Rant

The thing that sucks about Winter Break is that college students get over 3 weeks off.  Yeah, it’s nice have a long break off from school.  But, I have been board out of my f***ing mind since Friday.  After having been snowed in more or less into the dorms Friday and Saturday, I am going a bit crazy.  What is there to do on campus or around town that I haven’t already done?  I am hanging out in the Student Senate Office.

After getting to spend a ton of time in the Student Senate Office last time, it gets old.  Very fast.  And not in a good way.  It will be more fun once there are more people on Senate back in here, but till then, it is so lame.

I am sure all of you are wondering why someone who isn’t working over break at BSU would stay in Bemidji.  The answer is simple:


OK, so maybe I am being a bit dramatic about Ely.  But, I would of been board on the third day of break.  Yeah, I could of enjoyed being able to go out drinking at the bars now that I am 21.  But, that is so lame to go out and drink for fun.  Nothing against those of you who do that for fun.  But for me, I don’t see what is so fun about getting drunk for fun and then having a hangover the following morning.  Plus, I’d rather spend my money on, um well, food since all college students do is complain about not having enough money to buy food.  Here is a little hint: have a beer or two instead of getting so drunk that you don’t remember what you did last night and use the money you save for buying groceries.

Yes, the whole ‘We are young and getting drunk every other night’ thing is totally lost on me…Thank God.

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