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Why I Can’t Fall Asleep at 3:25 AM…Today

OK, so I am one one of those people who lays awake at night thinking about this  and that.  This time, I was thinking about work.  Not specifically Work Study at the moment, all though that is also on my mind.

I can’t help but think of what I want to do after college.  I do have at least 2 and 1/2 years until I am do with my undergrad degree and I have will hopefully start grad school.  But, if I don’t go to grad school or don’t get in, what will I do.

I didn’t pick the major that I am sticking with until this past fall semester and it was my 5 semester of college.  So, what will I do for a job?  I do have a few dream jobs that I would like to do, but I would have to spend a few years trying to break into the field that I want to go into.

I would love to work as a fashion photographer.  But, like I said, I would have to break into the field.  And the fashion industry is very competitive.  So, the chances of me breaking into that field is pretty slim.

I am thinking that someday, I might want to go into teaching.  Not elementary or high school.  But I would like to teach at the university level.

Another career that I would love to have is a writer at a magazine.  I would say that I don’t care at which magazine, but I do.  I would love to work at Vogue, Elle, Teen Vogue, basically any magazine that is fashion related.  But, it is hard to break into that industry.

This is one of the many things I think about at night.  Why I can’t fall asleep right away when I try to fall asleep.

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