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Oh What to do for the Rest of the Day

So far today I have hung out in the Student Senate Office for a hour, had a two hour committee meeting, and now I am working.  So, I have to ask myself, ‘what to do for the rest of the day?’

I know I have to return some movies to Blockbuster by 6 PM.  And I will probably get done at 4:30 today.  Most likely then, I will just run to blockbuster.  Other than that, I really have nothing else to do.

More people are back on campus, but I won’t see that many of them till Monday.  So, hanging out with people is kinda out.  I am tired of watching movies.  More than likely, there won’t be any thing good on TV.

I am thinking that I will go and workout again later today.  And there is a track alumni meet tomorrow that I could go and watch.  But, I hear that the guys team is laughable.

Otherwise, I have to clean my room again.  When ever I clean my room, I always ask myself when and how did I end up with so much stuff?

There is laundry, as always.  I should just do one massive laundry day and see how long that will last me.

I’ve had my textbooks for over a week now, so I could start reading them.

I just need something fun to do for the rest of my day.  Dieing a slow, horrible, painful death would be more fun than sitting around for another day and doing ‘nothing.’

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