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Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is a movie that came out nearly two decades ago.  It is a movie that centers around five kids, the eldest being played by Christina Applegate, who’s mother goes to Australia for two months while leaving the children with a ‘Deranged Marry Poppins’ according to Applegate’s character, Sue Ellen Crandell.

Within the first night, the babysitter dies in her sleep and the children bring the babysitter’s body to mortician business.  And with the babysitter out of the picture-or in this case, motion picture-Sue Ellen takes the role of being the house hold and finds a job at a fashion company, using a fake resume and only being 17 years-old, as the Excutive Assistant to one of the Vice Presidents of the company.

Off course, with any movie that centers around children and teenagers, there are those humorous moments, love, and the chance of learning life lessons.  We get to see Sue Elle learn about the struggles  that her single mother has to deal with having children to take care of, being a woman that holds a position of high standing, and sacrifices that ones has to make on occasion when it comes to a relationship.

As the second half of the movie progresses, we see how these five siblings who have different summer plans, wishes, hopes, and just different personalities band together to cover up the fact they stole from petty cash by putting on a fashion show for General Apparels, the company that Sue Ellen works at, so that not only can the kids can get away with stealing money from petty cash, but General Apparel can stay in business after losing several clients.

The movie as a whole was very entertaining to watch.  Between trying to keep her personal life and her work life separate from her boyfriend, Sue Ellen is fun to watch.  And seeing how a 17 year-old trying to pass as a woman in her late 20s was very interesting to see.

There have been talks of this movie being redone or a possible sequel with the title of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Back.  Ashley Tisdale is rumored to possible being the female lead as Melissa Crandell, the younger sister of Sue Ellen.

As stated from several different sources, the sequel/remake is currently being written.  But, there is no current conformation that the sequel/remake is going to happen.

I have always wanted there to be a sequel to Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, but I have hoped, and I still do, that the sequel would deal with Sue Ellen-whether played by Applegate or some other actress-having kids of her own.  And Sue Ellen’s kids having to deal with a similar situation that Sue Ellen and her siblings went through.

Regardless of the potential of a remake-sequel, I recommend this movie for it’s humor and and it’s over all quality for a movie that was made and released mid-1991.

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