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The strangest thing about being in Linden Hall-or even on campus-during break is that even though there is no one around campus; and it doesn’t really make that much of a difference at the moment.  With living in Linden Hall, there really isn’t that much noise when people are hear unless it’s from the suite from up above mine.

The only people I have really talked to are the RAs on duty and one other resident.  Otherwise, it has been a nice break from going from thing to another to another.  I just cannot believe that I have been able to stay on campus this break and not go crazy.  Granted, since my mom was up for two days, that did break up my break.  Yet, the next four days will be interesting since I still have homework to work on.

Why does it seem like no matter when you get a ‘break,’ you really don’t.  Unless it is Winter Break, it never seems like there is a real break from school work or actual work.  I am just looking forward to this semester being over since it will mean three months of nice weather and taking it easy.

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