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ANTM Season 16 Episode 5 Recap

For the challenge this week, the girls were divided up into 3 groups of 3 to film a CoverGirl commercial using the new CoverGirl products.

Alexandra’s group-with no surprise-got into a small tiff.  And it showed

The girls learn from Tyra Mail

Learn how to walk on the wild side

While Alexandra is on the phone, some of the girls read her diary.

The girls photo shoot is at the Old LA Zoo; where they will be transformed into glamorous animals while wearing Rachel Zoe faux fur.  The girls get to model with a baby jaguar-Mauto-as well.

Kaisha had a hard with Mauto; and she was called out on it during judging.

Stylist determine who the next top models & celebrities will be.

Jaclyn had an amazing picture.  She had an amazing 80s look.

Molly was promised that if she stays, the weave is leaving.

Alexidria’s photo looked ok; but it could of been way better.

I loved Hannah’s photo and Rachel Zoe said that she didn’t care if she could see her faux fur desgins because Hannah’s picture was so amazing.  It takes my breath away slightly due to how well Hannah looks with the jaguar.

This picture had the judges talking about how it is an iconic picture and I must agree.  This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen on Top Model in my opinion.

It was no surprise that Hannah got the best picture this week.  I only wish the other girls had an amazing photo like Hannah.

Molly & Dayla where in the bottom two.  Yet, Tyra would not accept that the fact the Molly has had hair problems.  For Dayla, the fact that she has some experience and an amazing bone structure.  But, Tyra felt that Molly should get the chance to have try without the hair that is an epic failure.

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