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Thinking About Someone

So, I’ve been trying to get through this book entitled The People of the Sea for my Oral Storytelling class while I am working today since it’s a slow day.  You know how your mind works when you are trying to get something done for a class; it wonders off in several different directions.

Well, my mind jumped to thinking about a friend of mine, Ryan Kalan.  I don’t even know if you would consider us friends any more since we haven’t had any contact with each other for about six months now I think.  But, all of the sudden, he just randomly popped into my mind.

I have not idea why Ryan popped into my mind since we haven’t even talked with each other in several months.  But, I find it amazing how Ryan and I went from seeing each other everyday for about nine months-with the exemption of school breaks-and then go to not even seeing each other; let alone talking to each other.

It’s kinda amazing if you think about it how some people you see everyday for an extended period of time, then you don’t really ever see them again or talk to them again.

I guess that will be more common for me in a few weeks when several of the seniors I know walk and graduate a month from this Friday.  It seems so weird to think about how that is going to be happening more and more now that I am getting up there in age where I do meet new people and get new friends.  I will end up knowing a lot of people and they become apart of my memory and I will hardly ever see certain people after college.

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