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Day off From Classes…

So, tomorrow is the Student Achievement Day.  That means that we get the day off from classes.  One small problem for me…I have no classes on Wednesdays.  So, I guess that means that regardless of there being a day off for us from classes, every Wednesday is a day off from classes for me.

I am hoping that next spring, I can somehow work out my classes and job schedules to benefit me in terms of not having anything on Fridays.  I personally would rather have Fridays off than Mondays because then my weekends start sooner; but I’d be fine with having Mondays and Fridays off…like that will ever happen for me.

On the bright side, I don’t have Senate tomorrow afternoon.  Even though I love Student Senate; it’s nice having a Wednesday off from it once and a while during the school year.  After all, I do see everyone on Student Senate on a daily bases it seems.  Or at least, pretty close to everyday.  So, having a Wednesday off will be nice I think for everyone because of the fact that we have the same schedule down for Wednesdays.

At least tomorrow will be a fun day since we get to see what this year’s Seniors-as well as some Juniors-have been up to.  After all, being in the situation where I might do something for next year’s Student Achievement Day next year.

All though I don’t know what I might do for it, I am sure I can figure something out.  After all, I do have a year-roughly-to come up with some idea.  Maybe I could do my Senior Project-or I guess it’s called BFA Capstone-for student Achievement Day 2012.  That would be pretty cool I think.

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