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ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 7 Photos

This week’s photos was themed “Crazy for _____.”  This is I what I think of the pictures this week.

Alexandria’s photo this week wasn’t the greatest for me.  I believe that she has done better photo shoots in the last few weeks and she should of been able to do a better job than this.

Brittani’s photograph this week is-what I believe at least-to be her best photo to date.  I love how she doesn’t necessary look like the Brittani we have all come to know and love.

I like Hannah’s photo this week, the one thing I just don’t like for her photo are the clock and the dishes in the lower right corner.  They seem out of place for this picture.  But, thankfully, Hannah’s facial expression for this photo is amazing and you can see with a close up that there is something out of the frame that is scaring her slightly-or at least making her clutch her bags.

I think Jacyln’s shot her is a pretty strong one of her, but not as strong as it could or should be.  I really like how it looks like she can’t put on lipstick.  I also love the framing that is happening in the upper corners-it helps gives the photo a slightly darker feel to it.

Kasia’s photo leaves something to be desired here.  I don’t feel the emotion that she is supposed to be conveying here.  It feels very posed like a shot of someone who saw a camera and thought themselves, ‘Wait a second and let me get into a better pose to make myself look better.”

Mikaela’s photo has some great action in it with her throwing the present up into the air and her actually following it with her eyes.  It looks like she is saying, ‘you can come down any second now.’

Molly, Molly, Molly…what can we say about you this week?  Your photo has this vibe to it like you are trying hard.  But it’s a good thing you are trying hard in this photo, cause it works with the accessories you are wearing this week.

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