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Duke Slide Show Leads to Useful Lesson in Life

Last May (according to an article on Jezebel), there was a PowerPoint that went viral over the internet after one of friends forward the e-mail.  This PowerPoint’s main focus was the 13 sexual partners of a female Duke graduate.

So, I believe it was during Spring break or a bit before when I saw the Law & Order: SVU episode ‘Rescue’ that originally aired back in December.  Now, for those of you who know me; I love watching this show for some messed up reason that I am sure would be an interesting conversation of why I like this series…or why anybody does.

But anyway, the episode ‘Rescue’ was inspired by the 2010 Duke “Fuck List” PowerPoint controversy…or at least according to the Wikipedia Article on Law & Order: SVU Episodes.

For those teachers and professors out there that don’t like students using Wikipedia to do any research; don’t worry, I did the next logical thing: I Googled “Duke ‘Fuck List’ Powerpoint controversy.”  After I didn’t find the actual PowerPoint, I Googled “Duke ‘Fuck List’ Powerpoint” to find it.

From the Wikipedia search-which, by the way, I did not really intend on doing-and the two Google searches I did; plus looking at a few different articles, this is what I found:

Each of the guys that this girl slept with-from what it sounds like, between her sophomore year and her senior year-where evaluated on eight different things.  They were:

As you can see, this looks like it would be a science experiment…but it wasn’t.  From what it sounds, it was supposed to just be a joke between her and the two friends she e-mailed it two.

For those of you who are interested in seeing the video; it’s called ‘Karen Owen’s Duke List Powerpoint (Complete Slideshow)‘ and it has all of the information on the 13 guys.

The near 5 minute slide show video gives details on each of the guys and their overall rating.  Sure, it’s a possible time saver for other women when it comes to these guys; but isn’t that a slightly big part of life: finding out who’s good in the sack & who isn’t?

Plus, what ever happened to the idea that you talk about how good someone is in bed to your friends in person?  Oh yeah, we’ve become obsessed with using the latest technology to dish on stuff like that; which makes things like that go viral.

So, what can we learn from this kids?  That when send even an e-mail to a friend, what ever is in that e-mail might end up becoming well-known thanks to Law & Order SVU…or at least, you will become somewhat well-known for what you e-mail someone.

Another youtube video that talks about Karen Owen’s slideshow and how it’s someone stupid-ok, really stupid-to do something like create a slideshow of how well your sexual partners are or are not in bed.

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