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The End of an Era

I should post this post on the BSU Student Senate Blog; but I figured that this is a different kind of post then one would be posted on that blog.  Then again, I just want to post this post on my blog.

Looking back at this last school year with Student Senate; a lot comes to mind.  The most recent is this picture:

We took this picture during our last Student Senate meeting.  It seems really weird that Student Senate is done for the year.

To add to the weirdness-in a good way-I am going to be the University Liaison.  Basically, that means I am the Public Relations person for Student Senate.  It only took me two years and four times trying to get this position.

So, it’s weird to think about how next Friday by 4 PM, when Michael Meehlhause, Ashley Tenney, Natalie Hursey, & Arthur Johnson are done, it will be the end of an era.

After spending the last two years serving with a combination of them until this school year when all four of them where on Senate this year.  It will be weird not having them on Senate next year since I’ve gotten so use to the upper class man that have served with we me.

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