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Veronica Mars, Season 1 Episode 1

Episode Summary

In this episode, we get introduced to Veronica Mars and the rest of the characters of Neptune, California.  We mainly get information of the characters of everyone through flashbacks in this episode.

We learn that Veronica and her dad-Keith, the former Sheriff-have become outcasts in a way after Veronica’s best friend-Lily Kane-is murdered and Keith accuses her father Jake Kane (the richest man in town, and the person who made several people in Neptune rich).

Veronica also ends up being broken up with by her boyfriend and Lily’s brother Duncan prior to Lily’s death.

But, we see how out side of the flashback realm; Veronica now works for her father and his Private Investigator firm after school.  Veronica also has lost her social status with the 092er group in school (the most popular group of students in school).

Kristen Bell portraying Veronica Mars

However, we see how Veronica uses her dislike for some of her fellow classmates and helps out new student Wallace Fennel.  Veronica was able to get Logan Echolls in trouble for having a bong-that Veronica had a different student make-get back on the good side of the PCHers (Pacific Cost Highway) Biker Gang after they taped him to the flag pole.

But, we also get to see how Veronica helps out her father by doing surveillance and follow Jake Kane-cause his wife now thinks that he is cheating on her.

Personal View of Episode

This episode-as well as the series as a whole-seems to be Nancy Drew for the 21st Century.  So, I really like how the series starts off.  We get to see how Veronica has toughen up since her best friend was killed; but we also see how Veronica has a soft side.

We also get to see the dynamics at the high school that Veronica and her fellow classmates deal with.  After all, not all of us got to school with multibillionaire software designer’s kids, the sons & daughters of actors, or a biker gang.

This is probably one of my favorite TV series for the fact that it’s so different then my life here in Bemidji, MN.

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