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Finding the Write Pen

Yes, I will admit; I did put the wrong spelling in the title of this post for ‘right.’  But, any writer knows that finding the right pen to write with has a lot to it.

For me, finding the right pen to write with has several factors.

The pen has to feel natural in my hand.  And by that, it could mean that I have two of the same exact pens.  Everything about them could be exactly the same; but, one could feel heavier or the grip of it could be off for some reason.

The second thing for me is how the ink looks as it’s on paper.  I know that that sounds weird.  But in many ways, it isn’t.  Have you ever taken the time to watch ink from certain pens dry on the paper?  The ink in some case could look rather reflective in terms of how it dries.

The third thing that I look for in a pen is the color of the ink.  I know that it sounds weird; but the color that I use some days inspire me.  All though using black is the color I like using when I am in a plain writing mood; I sometimes like using a teal-blue color or neon pink to spice up my writing.

For those of you are there who still don’t get the point of why finding the right writing pen; sadly, you won’t know unless you start writing with different pens.

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