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Veronica Mars, Season 1 Episode 7

This Episode’s Breakdown

Veronica becomes suspicious when a young pregnant woman who lives in their apartment complex suddenly disappears; fearing the worst, Keith steps in to help his daughter investigate this case for the girl’s estranged parents.  After all, the neighbor’s boyfriends doesn’t seem very girlfriend friendly.

Meanwhile, Logan and Weevil get thrown into detention together after arguing with a teacher, leading the rivals to discover some surprising things in common.  They also pull a prank on the teacher that brings them closer together as friends.  Who a 09er & a PCHer could be friends?

Later, while working on an alumni photo project in her journalism class, Veronica is shocked to discover that her mother and Jake Kane were high-school sweethearts.  Like mother, like daughter maybe?

My Take on this Episode

I really don’t think there was to much remember about this episode.

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