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Cosmo June 2011

Really Cosmo?  You have 78 more ways to turn me-and other guys-one?  Why don’t you just do a whole issue on this?  That way, it’s not 78 ways to turn him on, but rather a whole issue dedicated to seduction and all of the ways to seduce us?

Plus, couldn’t ‘What Men Want Most at 9 P.M.’ fight under a whole seduction issue.  Now I realize, Cosmo is thee ‘how to be more sexy/have better sex’ magazine.  But does that mean that men have to read cover stories about what we want after 9 PM?

Anyways, each guy is different.  Give me a women who can write well and is willing to write notes back and forth to each other about the small things that are going on.

At least Cosmo is taking on a BIG issue-Sex Summer Hair.  At least the ladies will be able to have sexy summer hair.  After all, how else will they be able to seduce men?  Their wits?  Wait, no.

But maybe Cosmo‘s article on how to radiate confidence might be helpful.  Plus, if the ladies can’t find a guy to radiate their confidence on; they could always use one of the 4 Fab New Vibrators.  After all, what’s better than using Confidence on yourself.

And for you ladies who don’t know how to Bump-Proof your bikini line by now in your life time; you can finally learn how to with this month’s issue.

At least  we can see why no man can ‘tame’ Cameron Diaz.  With her sexy cover look, maybe Diaz just like be wild.  Or at least dressing like it.  Or maybe Diaz hasn’t heard about the weird trait that guys apparently look for in a date?

I just hope that this issue isn’t as big of a let down that I am making it out to be.  After all, I am sure I’m bound to find one or two things that I will really like…I hope.

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