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Being On Duty Again

So, I am on my 3rd On Duty shift.  The one down side to being On Duty over the weekend is that you never know what to expect.  But, I am happy that I will have 3 of the 11 On Duty Days down with.  The hours I will be On Duty total will equal 264.  By noon of today, I will be down to 228 hours 🙂

Even though I have 11 On Duty days, it’s worth it in a very strange way.  I get a look through the looking glass in terms of seeing what a RA has to go through during the school year.  I think that’s an upside to being a Summer Host.  I get to see what a RA has to go through during the school year.  All though I do not have regular residents all summer or put on activities or do floor meetings; but I get the chance to do a lot of those things.

It’s one of those things that it’s hard to explain; but I am enjoying the challenge of being On Duty again; mainly since I don’t know what might happen while I am on duty.  So, I get to learn more about myself and how I do in certain situations.  After all, no one really knows how they will act or react when they get a call at 3:30 in the morning to help out a resident till it happens-by the way, it’s easier to wake up then I thought it would.

I only have 8 more on duty days after I hand over the On Duty Stuff.  All I know is that once I do,  I am so taking a nap.  Then I will probably go for a nice walk around Diamond Point Park or down town.  Plus, this is my only 48 hour straight shift…unless I change On Duty days with someone else.  But, it’s kinda nice only having the one 48 hour straight shift and the rest being 24 shifts.

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