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Seventeen June/July Issue

Lucy Hale is one Pretty Little Liars fashionista for the summer with being on the cover of Seventeen.  Here look over all for the cover is good, I personally just don’t like the feather earring that she is wearing.  I think that it takes away from the over all cover page of this summer’s issue of the magazine.

Is there really such a thing as ‘Perfect Hair All Summer,’ after all, we are all bound to have at least one bad hair day; or what about those days when we aren’t that energetic enough to go through the effort of having the Perfect Hair?  Hopefully it’s something as easy as switching hair products.  I just cannot wait to find out; after all, who doesn’t want to solve the problem of finally getting perfect hair?

On the upside, there are over 200 ‘Hot Fashion Deals! Under $20’ that will be useful for those of you who will be heading off to college in August; cause trust me, buy clothing during the school year isn’t that cheap.

Plus, there are some freebies in this summer’s issue.  Let’s hope that there is enough to go around for all of the readers of Seventeen.

Seventeen also has a ‘bonus mag’ on ‘Get Your Best Body Now!’ All though it’s important for us to be in a good healthy condition; hasn’t both Lady Gaga & Glee been trying to promote that you should be happy with the way you are with both of their versions of “Born This Way.”  Then again, taking pride in how you look is just as important.

Finally, Seventeen has info on ‘The Weird Thing Guys Do Before They Hit the Beach,’ which should be an interesting read.  After all, I think I will enjoy reading what I supposedly do before I hit the beach.


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