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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 Winner Is

Ivan from IMG talked with both girls about why they wanted to models.  After words, the girls go through their CoverGirl day.

The girls find out that the product that they will be promoting in their commercial and print ad is the new Lip Perfection.  The unique thing about this commercial is that the girls where filmed from three different angles at once.

Molly’s commercial was a bit rocky while she was filming; whereas Brittani’s commercial seemed to go well while filming.  Both of their photo shots seemed to go well for CoverGirl.

When the girls arrived back at their model apartment; Molly’s parents where there.  Molly was of course happy that her parents where there; Brittani was disappointed because of the fact that her mother has a hard time leaving the apartment.  However, Brittani and her mother where able to talk via video chat.

For the runway show, the girls had to walk in several rooms like the runway teach that Brittani had won a few episodes back; in several different rooms.  So Brittani had a slight advantage.

Even with the slight advantage; Molly and Brittani where neck and neck.  Both of them rocked the runway; all though Brittani had a slight slip-or rather a large one.  Brittani fell prior to the last runway walk.  However, even with that fall; Brittani was still able to pull of a convincing runway walk at the end.

After the runway show ended, the girls found out that they where going to get one last makeover prior to the final judging.  Thankfully, Mr. Jay tweeted this earlier today with two pics:

@MrJayManuel#ANTM 16 finale 2nite @ 9/8c. We make the toughest decision ever… who should win? http://twitpic.com/4z8lst http://twitpic.com/4z8lvr

I really like the make over that the girls received prior to judging.  Mainly since this is the first time that this has ever happened.

During the judging; the judges looked over the girls runways, commercial, and CoverGirl pics.

This is Molly’s CoverGirl Print Ad:

I think that Molly’s CoverGirl print ad is good.  But I really don’t like the over the shoulder action that she is doing here.

This is Brittani’s CoverGirl Print Ad:

I really love Brittani’s CoverGirl print ad.  All though the hand that is touching her hair looks really large; I think that Brittani’s ad is really amazing.

When the judges let the girls go so they could decided who would be the winner; it seemed that they leaned a lot towards Molly.  But, Brittani won.

All though Molly had top photos 3 times, Brittani’s look is truly amazing.

Congrats Brittani

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