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June 2011 Issue of Vogue

Penélope Cruz is the cover girl of this month’s Vogue.  The cover is a nice beauty shot of her face.

Vogue apparently decoded to us ea very simple pink lettering for the title and white lettering for everything else.  As much as I hate to say it; but that choice isn’t the world’s greatest.  Or at least one that you would expect from the a great magazine like Vogue.

With the letter coloring issue put aside, we get to hear Cruz’s take on her new movie, working with Johnny Depp, and the arrival of Baby Leo.  This article should be a good read.

Otherwise, we get to learn about ‘how to get great legs,’ ‘radiant beach-inspired makeup,’ and a story that involves ‘French Seduction.’

On top of all that, we get to read about another 150 plus ways to heat up our summer other than the hot weather.  We mainly will be finding out about what exactly to wear for the summer.  Between this issue of Vogue, the summer issue of Teen Vogue, and the summer issue of Seventeen; you could have the look that any would kill to have when it comes to you hair.

Let’s hope that this month’s issue of Vogue is as hot as it sounds so far.

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