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Writing Prompt #39

For today’s Writing Prompt; go through the movies that you love watching and try to find one that is 20 years old.  Such as, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead! (20 Years Old Today).  Write a story-or included a ‘short’ section in one you are already working on-that has references to the movie.

Now, the reason why I am suggesting that you do this is because of the fact that if you can tie in a reference from an older movie or song or book; then if your audience knows the work, they will enjoy your work even more.  Plus, it also challenges you in terms of how you will be able to tie a work that is 20-plus-years-old into your own.

Now, I will admit; this is slightly ‘out there.’  But, being a writer does mean that you have to ‘be out there.’

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