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Student Senate Hierarchy

I was looking at The Student Senate Hierarchy;  I made me think how interesting it was.  Out of 28 people who are on Senate and the 4 people on the MSUSA Committee for a total of 32 people; there really are only 2 people who have most of the ‘power’ and they are the Co-Presidents of Student Senate.

But, do they really have most of the power?

Over all, I would have to say no.  Mainly since the senators and the cabinet-mainly the senators-have the majority of the power.  Thankfully, Student Senate for the majority of the time is pretty civil; but we’ve never really thought of Howell Rainesing someone from Student Senate (or I guess a better analogy would be Bill Clintoning someone from Student Senate).  Either way; we haven’t had any major scandals of Student Senate…that I know of.

But, it was really interesting to look at the over structure (which you can take a look at with the first link in this post) of Student Senate.  I guess one could say that it’s a Hierarchy in a way.  After all, the Co-Presidents are the head of the Student Senate and the Cabinet members are kinda a prince/princess in waiting in terms of who runs the meetings if both Co-Presidents aren’t able to attend a Senate meeting.

Granted, I believe that since when that happened earlier this past Spring Semester, the University Liaison was the one who Chaired the meeting.  So, I think that is the precedence now; unless the Cabinet or Co-Presidents are the ones that choose it.

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