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Writing Prompt #87

For today’s writing prompt; you are going to write two characters.  One character is going to have the same political views as your own and the other characters will have the opposite.  What you are going to do is write a short story (you will determine how short you want it to be) that revolves around a debate between these two characters.

Now, how you can do this is either as a friendly debate between two friends, a serious debate between two political candidates, a class room debate, or how ever you see fit.

All though I hate having rules on what you can and cannot do in; they do help your to form a better piece.  So I am going to put forth 3rules for this writing prompt:

  1. You are not allowed to go to the topics of Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration, or any other major controversial issues as a broad debate topic.
  2. None of your characters can get majorly hurt, i.e. killed, put into a coma, or paralyzed.
  3. The debate must take place in one room and with in a 30 minute period (remember, you can determine how ‘short’ this piece is in terms of page length).
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