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Teen Spirit Movie Review

The movie Teen Spirit starts out around the prom time at Ashley High School.  Amber is the school’s ‘queen bee’ and is determined to get every single vote for being for being prom queen; while Lisa (Lindesy Shaw) could care less.

We see how Amber’s mom doesn’t focus on Amber, which begs to ask the question of “is that why Amber is self-centered?”  Unlike Amber’s mom, Lisa’s mom is too involved.

At the prom; Amber forces her date to parking spot that ends up later causing a power outage that ends up killing Amber.  Amber’s spirit is stuck in limbo; where she learns that she has to take Lisa and turn into Prom Queen at the makeup prom.

When Amber goes to make contact with Lisa; Amber finds out how much she really isn’t liked and has a hard time getting Lisa to listen at first.

Amber uses her ghost-like powers to help Lisa get fall into Lisa’s crush’s arms…in a romantic slow motion way.

Lisa gets a make over-with the help of Amber’s fashion powers-and a crash course on how to be popular-or at least acting like it.  But as Lisa gets more and more popular; Lisa becomes how Amber use to be prior to when Amber died.

I believe that this movie seems to be somewhat of a cross between of Mean Girls and She’s All That with a twist.  It was an interesting movie to watch.

All though it did seem to have been over done to a certain degree in terms of being repeative; I am glad that the writers of the this movie where able to find a way to keep it fresh enough for me.

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