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New York Minute Movie Review

Twin sisters Jane (Ashley Olsen) and Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) couldn’t be any more different.  Jane is the organized-must-always-be-organized sister; where as Roxy is the go-with-the-flow-skipping-school sister.  Jane has a speech to give for a fellowship that will pay for her tuition for Oxford University; while Roxy wants to crash a Simple Plan Video Shoot to give her demo CD to Simple Plan’s manger.

But as they try to reach their destinations; they end up on a crazy adventure.  They end up being kicked off their train, getting hit with a puddle of water, being chased by a wannabe Chinese Mobster (who isn’t Chinese), and several other little things like being on the edge of a hotel window in bathrobes and towels and falling in love with cute guys:

Jared Padalecki plays the very attractive Trey Lipton; the son of Senator Ann Lipton (who is apart of the committee that is give out the fellowship that Jane is trying to get).

Trey falls madly in love with Roxy when he walks into the hotel suite that he and his mom is sharing expecting to just take a shower (hence him being shirtless); but finds Roxy doing on his bed in a hotel bathrobe and doing a sexy hair flip.

Jane’s love interest is the very attractive bike messenger Jim (Played by Riley Smith).  They keep on running into each other…literary.

But when Jane really needs help going 111 blocks; Jim lucky shows up just in in and bumps into her again to help her out.  While Jane and Jim rush to the presentation that she has to give; Trey and Roxy go where Roxy pretends to be Jane and tries to give Jane’s speech.

Once Jane and Jim arrive; everything unravels and they wrap up what happens by explaining what happened with the crime ring that Jane and Roxy got involved in by accident.

We also got to see Roxy and Jane mend the fences that had separated them since their mother had died.

I really enjoyed this movie just because it showed everything that could go wrong can; but you can still excel as long as you have tenacity.  Plus, it was fun watching  Eugene Levy work with Mary-Kate and Ashley.

This movie was a fun movie to watch just because of the fact that this was more of a dramatic movie in terms that it is an action packed comedy with all of the twists and terms that made the movie very funny.

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