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Shooting Off Random Thoughts

For today’s Blog Post, I figured I would do something completely random and shoot off thoughts.  So here they are:

  • I need to figure out what I want to do after I’m done with my major
  • I want pizza
  • It’s hard to believe that One Tree Hill will be done after this season
  • School is going by fast
  • What should I bring with me to work tonight
  • Should I go to the football game tonight
  • What movies should I rent today or should I even rent movies today?
  • Why can’t I focus on my Senior Project?
  • What should I do for spring break?
  • I cannot believe September is already halfway done.
  • Did I pick the right major
  • What should I eat since I haven’t eaten yet today?
  • Why didn’t I make this blog more focused instead of so clustered with blog postings
  • Why have I never traveled outside of the States
  • Why have I never traveled any other states
  • When will I find someone to date?

As you can tell, I wasn’t able to focus on today’s blog post.  So thankfully I picked a topic where I was able to just go through some of my very random thoughts.

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