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Time For a Change…of Hair Color?

I have had my lighter hair color basically since the end of this past spring semester.  Nowt that I don’t mind having a lighter hair color-but my hair also has several different colors in it.  Between the attempted box hair coloring and having it colored about midsummer and the sun naturally highlighting my hair; I fee like I need to change my hair color.

I could simply  chop it off-or a good handful of it.  But that would be to simple I think.  I am thinking I might color my hair an auburn color or strawberry blond.  I want more of a reddish hair color.  Granted, I cant go to red since I have more red color in my face and I am somewhat afraid if I go with a read hair color; I will look my face is inflamed.

Maybe I should do something like a black and red  combo for hair color.  I don’t know, I just want something different.

Maybe hair extensions?  Maybe I should shave my hair off.  Possibly go Gothic?  I just feel like I need to do something different and not play it as safe anymore.

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