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Next Term

I found out that next term will be the first semester that I will actually have to pay tuition out of pocket.  Granted, it’s only $86 bucks-it would be $28 if I wasn’t taking Photojournalism.

It is strange to think about how that after three and a half years of being in college, I am actually going to have to pay out of pocket.  The reason why this is weird is due to the fact that I was looking over the credits I have and that I have earned and that I could of easily been done after this semester if I had planned out my path slightly better.

Yet, on Friday, I decided to get a double major.  I will be getting Liberal Studies degree as well as the Creative & Professional Writing Degree.  All though I could be done with my BFA after fall term, I am happy that I will be doing two degrees.

Now, this actually opens a bunch of doors for me.

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