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1.5 Days

With a day and a half until school starts, I cannot wait till classes start.  The nice thing about school starting up in a few days is that people are coming back onto campus.

Granted, over the rest of the vacation, I will probably sleep away at least 14 hours of the time I have left.  And tomorrow, I am lucky enough to get to work at the Linden Front desk.  I will be working seven hours and the nice thing is that since I rented a couple of Blockbuster movies, I will earn back the money in less than an hour.

However, I don’t how much DVD watching I will get in tomorrow since it sounds like it will be a busy day tomorrow.  However, not as busy as fall move in is.

Either way, I am looking forward to having a desk shift tomorrow.  After all, it will be nice to have something to do…even though a good portion of what I could end up doing is just sitting at the desk and I am fine with that.

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