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Annotating Via Twitter During TV as Homework?

One of the most interesting things about this semester thus far is that I am getting the chance to expand the definition to what is “homework” till May.  During this semester, experimenting with Twitter and Blogging – as well as photography for a different course – will be considered homework for the fact that in order to do well in these areas, you have to do.

With annotating during a TV show using Twitter is something I never really thought about.  I have tweeted about what’s going on during #Glee or #JanebyDesign; yet I never really thought as annotating.  The reason why I never thought about tweeting as annotations is because when I think of annotation, I think of writing in a book.  Yet, I think that twitter is allowing us to expand the definition of annotation.

When I ever hear annotation, I pretty much think right away about writing in a book.  Yet, it makes sense that annotation can now be extended – to a degree – to define TV shows and movies.  In part because dictionary.com defines annotation as

1. a critical or explanatory note or body of notes added to atext.
2. the act of annotating.
3. note ( def. 1 ) . Abbreviation:  annot.
I believe that this definition allows us to expand what is considered as annotating since the publishing industry is changing to having e-books.  Why not then to allow annotation to include Twitter?
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