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Recent Vandalism on BSU Campus

Last night during the basketball games, sixth floor Tamarack Resident Assistant John Muenchow asked me if I had seen this person – that Muenchow had described to me – come through because they had vandalized the tunnels.

I had completely forgotten this fact – even though it happened last night – until I was heading to the C3 store in Walnut Hall.  I saw these two spots:

Now here are my questions for the person who did this or people who would do something like this:

  • Why bother vandalize an area that is so close to Public Safety?
  • What inspired you to show that you don’t care about our campus?
  • If you must paint – or in this case, spray paint – our tunnels, isn’t the Student Senate’s Tunnel Painting Process easy enough for you?

So really people.  I know that I haven’t been driven to vandalize anything, but couldn’t you have found something that wouldn’t cost the University money to paint over?  Because that costs the University money and even though I am sure the University has money budgeted for painting projects, but we don’t have the money to paint over every single spot someone feels like painting on.

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