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Music Videos as Publicity

This past Friday, I attended a portfolio presentation that was given by my boss ~ and friend ~ Krysta that was apart of her major.  One of the things that she touched on was branding and I have been thinking about the whole branding and rebranding thing over the weekend.  Then I got to thinking about the use of social media and how that is becoming a big part of branding and marketing now a days.

Granted, I was thinking more in terms of marketing for Bemidji State University with a social media focus.  And with the social media focus, I starting thinking about the two music videos ~ that I know about ~ that have been made by BSU students.  The one that is a parody both in terms of the song and music video: Bemidji State of Mind.  This video was made and published  little over a year ago.  THe description for Bemidji State of Mind is as follows:

The second video is: Call Me Maybe B-Town Style.  This one was made and uploaded almost to the day after the first video.  This one is just several BSU students doing some interesting dance scenes that are edited together.  Granted, I like the latter of the two videos I like more since it’s much more entertaining.

With that said, I think that colleges and universities have a potential way of marketing themselves: by encouraging their students to make homemade music videos like the ones that I linked to above.  Or possibly encourage their students to posts videos ~ that may not get as many hits ~ of “dance parties” like this one:

The reason why universities should encourage this is simple, in my mind:  free marketing as well as they showcase the creative and fun side of the university.  All though higher education isn’t meant to be straight up fun, these kinds of videos could allow colleges and universities to gain enough of an interest by a perspective student for them to apply.

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