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Good-Bye Student Senate

It’s hard to believe that I am closing one door of my life today.

The Student Senate Office During Finals Week

Today, I am officially done with my last term on Student Senate after spending 3 years here at Bemidji State University and a semester at Vermilion Community College’s Student Senate.

It’s one of those bittersweet things that’s almost more sweet.  The reason why I say that it is almost more sweet than being bitter is that after spending these years on Student Senate and working for the Student’s as a whole at Bemidji State University, I will be able to focus more so on working with the Phoenix and contributing to the University in terms of making BSU much more LGBT friendly.

I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t miss Student Senate and I would fulling myself if I said that I wasn’t happy about this change in my life since I’ve sought to escape from Student Senate some times.  Yet, Student Senate forced me to grow and to grow up, but not necessarily to grow up completely.  One of the things I learned was the complications of attraction.  Typically you would not think of learning about attraction in the world of politics; but don’t forget that this in student politics and there is no real way to leave attraction out of this realm of politics.

With the kinds of complications of attraction that happens over a school year with 28 people, there can be anything from romantic to physical to friendship to disliking some to emotional and so on.  So there’s never a dull moment for attraction and learning about the different kinds of attraction shows just how much you have to work with the kinds of attractions that go on in a group in order to get things done.

Another thing I have learned over three years is: to be inconsistent or consistent, that thy question.  With such a regular turnover of new members and new leadership each year, there is always a certain level of an inconsistency that happens.  This inconsistency works to Senate’s benefit sometimes and other times, it doesn’t.  Yet, I have learned that with inconsistency, you have to be flexible.

And yet, one consistent over the years that I have always enjoyed have been the MSUSA delegate conferences that I have gotten to go to.  Probably one of my most favorite ones was this last Spring Conference.  Another thing that I get to say that I enjoy about MSUSA, other than the conferences, is that I get to say that I was apart of collecting 4,000 Signatures for the Pell Grant Petition.

Apart from what I have learned and from what I have enjoyed about Student Senate, I think I am ready for my next journey.  The next chapter of my life.  The next challenges…that BSU has for me over the next year.

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