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I started out this blog entitled ‘Vito Moubry’ after my middle name.  But, on Saturday morning May 28th, 2011 after having a conversation with a friend; I decided to change the title of this blog to include ‘Joe’ in front of my middle and last name.

I also started this blog in January of this year for the ‘Postaday2011’ challenge.  But, on the same day that I changed the title of the blog; I imported another blog that I had.  The blog that I had imported was entitled ‘Student Writer.’  Student Writer was a blog that I started during a Mass Communication class that I was taking entitled ‘Media Writing.’

This Blog’s Focus

When I started this blog, I was just blogging random things.  But, I have started doing blog posts on that focus on the topic of Writing Prompts for the summer.

There will be posts relating to my education, work, books, movies, music, or what ever comes to mind.  The biggest part of the reason why I want this blog to focus on my education is because of the fact that I figured that it would be slightly more easier to have one blog for all of my classes rather than multiple of blogs.

Don’t be surprised if I have posts about anything and everything.  One thing I have learned is that having some sort of portfolio is important.  I figured that this blog could possibly serve as that function as well.

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