My College Course Work

My College ‘Pedigree’

Since the fall of 2007, I have been taking college classes.  I started out-with a ‘refresher’ course if you will-by taking Intermediate English at Vermilion Community College to make up a bad grade I had received during the spring semester of my Junior year of high school so I wouldn’t have any conflicts in Senior class schedule.

I then took two more classes during spring semester of my senior year of high school of PSEO classes at VCC.  So, here are all of my College Courses:

Vermilion Community College

Fall 2007

  • ENGL 0092-Intermediate English

Spring 2008

  • ENGL 1511-College Comp I
  • SOC 1555-Intro to Sociology

Fall 2008

  • BUS 1655-Intro to Business
  • CNSL 1466-Cornerstone 101
  • JOUR 1555-Intro to Journalism
  • HLTH 1459-Wellness
  • MUSC 1315-Applied Piano I
  • THTR 1421-Peer Theater

Spring 2009

  • BIOL 1545-Fundamentals of College Biology
  • BUS 1685-Sustainable Tourism
  • CNSL 1424-Peer Theater
  • HUM 1555-Adventures in the Human Spirit
  • SPCH 1555 Intro to Speech
  • SOC 2475-Social Computer Issues

Bemidji State University

Summer 2009

  • Math 1110-Beginning College Algebra
  • PHED 1230-Yoga
  • PSY 2200-Human Sexuality

Fall 2009

  • DEVL 0980-Reading & Study Skills
  • ENGL 2250: Understanding Literature: Novels
  • MASC 1840-Intro to Media Writing
  • PSY 1100-Introductory Psychology
  • UNIV 1180-FYRE/TRiO/SSS Orientation

Spring 2010

  • ENGL 1102-College Writing II
  • ENGL 3607-Film Topics: International Film
  • MASC 2460-Digital Photography
  • MASC 2700-Reporting and Writing
  • UNIV1200-Life Career Planning

Summer 2010

  • ENGL 3540-Literature for Young Adults
  • MASC 2925-People and the Environment: Mass Media Perspective
  • PHED 1890-Lifetime Fitness

Fall 2010

  • ENGL 3115-Writing Fiction I
  • ENGL 4429-Shakespeare for Teachers
  • MASC 3100-Media Ethics
  • PHED 1380-Self Defense
  • PHED 1604-Social Dance I
  • UNIV 4910-Teaching Assistant: FYE

Spring 2011

  • ENGL 2355-American Literature from 1865 to Present
  • ENGL 2357-British & World Drama
  • ENGL 3607-Film Topics: British Film
  • ENGL 3608-English Topics: Oral Storytelling
  • ENGL 4116-Writing Fiction II

Fall 2011 (Upcoming Term)

  • ENGL 2350-American Literature to 1865
  • ENGL 3145-Writing Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL 4930-BFA Capstone
  • MASC 3820-Literary Journalism
  • SPAN 1111-Elementary Spanish I
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