My Major & Minor

So, of course I am in college for a reason.  For those of you who don’t know me; I have changed my major once or twice…or about 12 times.  Give or take one or two.  But, as you saw on the main ‘About You’ page; I am getting a degree called a Bachelor’s on Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative & Professional Writing with a Mass Communications minor.

After looking through all of the classes I have taken and completed; I figured, ‘Hey, why don’t you break down your major’ for your readers.  Or at least how the classes I’ve taken fit into graduating.  So here it is:

BFA in Creative & Professional Writing Major

Required Writing Component

ENGL 3115-Writing Fiction I
ENGL 4116-Writing Fiction II
ENGL 3145-Writing Creative Nonfiction I*

Required Literature Component

ENGL 2350-American Literature to 1865
ENGL 2355-American Literature 1865 to Present
ENGL 2357 British & World Drama

ENGL Genre, Period, Culture, Author, or Film Courses

ENGL 3607-Film Topics: International Film
ENGL 3607-Film Topics: British Film
ENGL 3608-English Topics: Oral Storytelling

Senior Project

ENGL 4930-BFA Capstone*

Required Concentration Option A

ENGL 3540-Literature For Young Adults
ENGL 4429-Shakespeare for Teachers
MASC 1840-Intro to Media Writing
MASC 2700-Reporting & Writing

Mass Communications Minor

Required Core Classes

MASC 1840-Intro to Media Writing
MASC 2460-Digital Photography
MASC 3100-Media Ethics

Required Electives

MASC 2700-Reporting and Writing
MASC 2925-People and the Environment: Mass Media Perspective
MASC 2700-Literary Journalism*

*denotes that the class is in progress

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