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The British Invade America’s Next Top Model

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model is bringing a new twist to the modeling competition: It’s no longer just Americans gunning for the coveted titled.  Reports have been coming in for a week or so now about this new twist that Tyra Banks came up with for this season.

Instead of there being 13 or 14 women from across the country, we get seven women from the states and seven women from across the pond.  A little extra twist this season is that the seven British girls are considered – in a way – to be Next Top Model All-Stars since they competed on Britain’s Next Top Model.

This Season’s Models

There will be 14 models this cycle.  However, I have not been able to find out about it been the seven American’s against the seven Britain contestants.

The American Girls
  • AzMarie Livingston, 24, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Candace Smith, 22, Brooklyn, New York
  • Ebonee Davis, 18, Seattle, Washington
  • Kyle Gober, 20, Magnolia, Texas
  • Laura LaFrate, 20, Scotia, New York
  • Mariah Watchman, 20, Pendleton, Oregon
  • Seymone Roth, 19, Augusta Georgia
The British Girl
  • Alisha White, 20, London, England
  • Annaliese Dayes, 24, London England
  • Ashley Brown, 22, West Lothian, Scotland
  • Catherine Thomas, 22, Kent, England
  • Jasmia Robinson, 24, London, England
  • Louise Watts, 25, Essex, England
  • Sophie Sumner, 21, Oxfordshire, England
Guest Judges

Small Screen Scoop gave us a heads up who will be guest judges for this cycle:

A New Judge on Panel

Kelly Cutrone will be replacing André Leon Talley this cycle.  There is speculation that Cutrone’s persona will bring some dramatics to this cycle that have been missed since Janice Dickinson was on the series, according to a post on TV Over Mind.  The same post also states that she is a great replacement for Talley since she has been involved with several different areas of fashion  and her previous experience on reality TV shows will make this adjustment easier.

Prizes for This Cycle

According to an article on People Magazine‘s website, the prizes for this cycle are as follows:

This Cycle & Onward

This cycle will be interesting of course.  However, according to an article on, Banks and the rest of the Top Model crew is already planning on casting for cycles 19 and 20.  One has to wonder if these cycles – given the last two – will involve some sort of All-Star themed and will have top model hopefuls from other countries.

Cycle 18 premiers on February 29th.


Sunday School Musical Movie Review

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Sunday School Musical is basically the story of high school student Zachary (Chris Chatman) who has to change schools because his mother lost her job.  This means that Zachary and his family has to move in with his aunt and change schools-which cases him to have to leave his church choir.

As Zachary tries to adjust to his new school; he is drawn to the choir.  Which causes some tension between him and his old choir.  We also get to see how Savanna (Candise Lakota) is having a difficult time adjusting to her mother’s death.

Yet when Zachary’s old church comes across some finical difficulties; Zachary lends a helping hand.  Zachary suggests that his old choir and his new one team up to compete at State.

Sunday School Musical does seem to reflect the High School Musical trilogy;  thankfully Sunday School Musical doesn’t have the cast breaking out into song about every five minutes.  However, having seen the High School Musical movies; I was expecting this movie to be some what similar.  The last performance seemed to have been a cross between a High School School Musical performance and the final performance in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

I found the story line to be stiff.  Even though the majority of the movies out there now a days have a similar story line to each other; the movies that are well known know how to make themselves well known.

Even though the story was stiff I felt; I think that this movie was still worth watching because it shows how well a ‘lesser known’ film can be put together.  Considering that when this film came out back in 2008 and I never heard about it until this past March or April since it wasn’t a mainstream film in terms of being released in theaters; it is a good film.

I would say that this film would be an interesting film to watch just to see a different take on musicals; especially since today’s TV and movie watchers have seen musicals such as the High School Musical movies and Glee.

My Favorite The Glee Project Music Videos

I was thinking about how pumped I am for the next The Glee Project episode until I realized that it’s over 😦 / :-).  So, since it’s over…here are my favoite music videos from the season:

And probably my all time favorite video is:

New York Minute Movie Review

August 21, 2011 1 comment

Twin sisters Jane (Ashley Olsen) and Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) couldn’t be any more different.  Jane is the organized-must-always-be-organized sister; where as Roxy is the go-with-the-flow-skipping-school sister.  Jane has a speech to give for a fellowship that will pay for her tuition for Oxford University; while Roxy wants to crash a Simple Plan Video Shoot to give her demo CD to Simple Plan’s manger.

But as they try to reach their destinations; they end up on a crazy adventure.  They end up being kicked off their train, getting hit with a puddle of water, being chased by a wannabe Chinese Mobster (who isn’t Chinese), and several other little things like being on the edge of a hotel window in bathrobes and towels and falling in love with cute guys:

Jared Padalecki plays the very attractive Trey Lipton; the son of Senator Ann Lipton (who is apart of the committee that is give out the fellowship that Jane is trying to get).

Trey falls madly in love with Roxy when he walks into the hotel suite that he and his mom is sharing expecting to just take a shower (hence him being shirtless); but finds Roxy doing on his bed in a hotel bathrobe and doing a sexy hair flip.

Jane’s love interest is the very attractive bike messenger Jim (Played by Riley Smith).  They keep on running into each other…literary.

But when Jane really needs help going 111 blocks; Jim lucky shows up just in in and bumps into her again to help her out.  While Jane and Jim rush to the presentation that she has to give; Trey and Roxy go where Roxy pretends to be Jane and tries to give Jane’s speech.

Once Jane and Jim arrive; everything unravels and they wrap up what happens by explaining what happened with the crime ring that Jane and Roxy got involved in by accident.

We also got to see Roxy and Jane mend the fences that had separated them since their mother had died.

I really enjoyed this movie just because it showed everything that could go wrong can; but you can still excel as long as you have tenacity.  Plus, it was fun watching  Eugene Levy work with Mary-Kate and Ashley.

This movie was a fun movie to watch just because of the fact that this was more of a dramatic movie in terms that it is an action packed comedy with all of the twists and terms that made the movie very funny.

[delete] Digital Drama

I am sure that those of you of that have heard about the [delete] Digital Drama! partnership between ABC Family and Seventeen magazine know that [delete] Digital Drama! is a campaign geared towards trying to decrease the amount-if not eliminate-cyber bullying.

ABC Family and Seventeen have done so by airing a movie entitled Cyberbully on ABC Family and running a spread in Seventeen Magazine as well as blurbs on what people have gone through.

There are also PSAs such as:

These PSAs have ABC Family starts in them that talk about the effects of Cyber Bullying.

The fact that there is cyber bullying happens goes to show you that there are several downfalls of social networks. But thankfully several states have laws that focus around cyber bully laws. I know that the state I live in-Minnesota-has a cyber bully law.

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A Look Back At Jesse McCartney

I have been think for a while now about Jesse McCartney.  I have no idea why I have been thinking about him-maybe it might have something to do with the fact that I haven’t really ‘seen’ or heard much about him in a while.  As I think about, the first time I’ve ever heard of him was about seven years ago when he stared in the WB (now the CW) tv series Summerland that ran from 2004 till 2005.

I will admit, it was because of Summerland that kinda made me fall with him.  Jesse played 16 year-old  Bradin Westerly who, along with his younger brother and sister, had to move out California from Kansas after their parents died.

Jesse’s character in the first season reacted to his parent’s death at first by drinking; but as the season-along with the series-learned how to surf and used that as a way to deal with his parent’s death.

Granted, sometimes Bradin’s temper got in the way some of the time.  However, I really enjoyed Jesse’s performance as a whole in this TV series.

Another show I saw him in was back in 05; Jesse appeared as himself in the TV series The Suite Life of Zach & Cody as himself.  In the episode that he appeared in, he performed his song ‘Beautiful Soul’

Along with Jesse’s having a guess role in The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, he has also guest starred in Law & Order: SVU episode  ‘Babes.’

Along with his TV performances, I saw him play the lead role in the movie Keith.  In this movie, Jesse plays the movie’s namesake Keith; who changes Natalie’s (Elisabeth Harnois) view on life while he is dying.

Jesse’s performance in the movie was quiet interesting.  All though I did not see the 2008 film until the summer of 2009; I still really enjoyed it.  Mainly since I got to see a different side of Jesse’s performance-even though to some degree in some parts of the film, Jesse’s character’s personality of anger was similar to Bradin in Summerland.

Along with seeing Jesse’s performances on TV and in the movie Keith; I have also listened to his first album entitled Beautiful Soul.  The tracks that are included on this album are:

  1. “She’s No You”
  2. “Beautiful Soul”
  3. “Get Your Shine On”
  4. “Take Your Sweet Time”
  5. “Without U”
  6. “Why Don’t You Kiss Her?”
  7. “That Was When”
  8. “Come To Me”
  9. “What’s Your Name?”
  10. “Because You Live”
  11. “Why Is Your Love So Hard To Find?”
  12. “The Stupid Things”

I personally like “Beautiful Soul” “Without Your” and “Because Your Live” from this album.

The second album I have listened to that he’s released is Departure: Recharged.  The Tracks from this album are:

  1. “Leavin'”
  2. “It’s Over”
  3. “Rock You” (Featuring Sean Garrett)
  4. “How Do You Sleep?” (Featuring Ludacris)
  5. “Into Ya”
  6. “Makeup”
  7. “My Baby”
  8. “Told You So”
  9. “Relapse”
  10. “Runnin'”
  11. “Freaky”
  12. “Not Your Enemy”
  13. “Oxygen”
  14. “Crash & Burn”
  15. “Body Language”
  16. “In My Veins”

Of this album, I’ve only really enjoyed “Leavin'” “How Do You Sleep?” “Makeup” & “Body Language.”

From Departure: Recharge, probably the most surprising thing of the whole album was the music video for “Leavin'” due to the more sexual nature of the video:

All though it was out there compared to other music videos that Jesse has done; it made it that much more memorable.

But other than that; I haven’t really kept up to what Jesse has been up to.  I know that he has a new album coming out soon-all though I haven’t really looked into that really.  I haven’t seen him in anything for a few years now.

But I recently started following him on Twitter and so can you if you aren’t yet:

Otherwise, I don’t know much about what he’s been up to.

All I know is that Jesse McCartney pops up into my mind every so often.  Mainly as ‘I remember listening to his albums’ or ‘I remember him in that TV show’ or something like that.

Writing Prompt #83

For today’s writing prompt; pick a song that you love and ‘rewrite’ it and by that, I mean change the words so the pertain more to you.  Here is an example:

‘Bemidji State of Mind’ based off of ‘New York State of Mind’

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